Customized Products

DELCOTEX develops and produces specific textile solutions for many different end uses. Our comprehensive know-how and our great experience coupled with your requirements lead to superior technical textiles; these simplify daily life and makes it more secure. They also protect our environment.

DELCOTEX is using filament yarns made of polyamide, polyester, aramid, and glass. Furthermore, high-performance yarns such as LCP (Vectran, Zxion), PBO (Zylon), UHMWPE (Dyneema) or PTFE are increasingly being processed. Our fabrics weigh between 30 g/m² up to 1500 g/m²; the width extends to 520 cm. Our article range includes:

    DeliComp® – Thermoplasitc Prepregs

    • for automotive component reinforcement
    • as surface for lightweight construction elements
    • as a reinforcement for building materials
    • as splinter protection in the field of ballistics

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