Mesh fabric for the automotive industry

DELCOTEX mesh assume as component structural reinforcement in modern automobiles various functions. Due to their light weight, high strength and abrasion resistance mesh fabric off er tremendous value compared to conventional material concepts.

DELCOTEX scrims mesh serve as reinforcement

for injection molded parts

  • as hinge
  • Splinter protection

of foams

  • Improvement of abrasion resistance

for nonwovens

  • Improvement of dimensional stability and tear

for carbon components

  • Improving Impact behavior

Application examples

  • Passenger airbag cover hinges
  • Seats
  • Door post, seat and door panelling with and without airbag outlet
  • Spare wheel wells
  • Underbody panelling
  • Wheel fairing
  • Radiator shutter

Benefits of component reinforcements with fabrics

  • Weight reduction
  • Increased strength
  • High level of automation in injection moulding process
  • Cost reduction by replacing metal hinges in airbag covers
  • Higher abrasion resistance by seat foam reinforcement


Your contact person at Delcotex:

Ansgar Benölken

phone: +49 521 543-505


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