Siliconized carrier material for production lines of homogenous PVC floorings

You produce homogeneous PVC floorings and have a production line where the PVC is transported on a textile conveyor belt through the individual production steps (melt, calender, drying, etc.)? Or are you considering the purchase of such a line? Due to our direct contact to well-known mechanical engineering manufacturers for homogeneous PVC flooring production lines we know about our customers needs very well.


Your advantages when choosing material:

  • Many years of manufacturing expertise
  • A long running time
  • Cost savings compared to using uncoated fabric or metal bands
  • Various base fabrics for carrier and embossing materials perfectly adapted to your needs
  • Single or double-sided silicone coated fabrics (about 25 - 100 g/m² silicone per side)
  • Silicone impregnated fabrics (about 5 -25 g/m² silicone)
  • Different widths up to 300 cm
  • Specified roll lengths without seams
  • Minimal fault frequency

 We look forward to supporting you!

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