Scrim fabrics woven and laid

Woven scrim fabrics and laid scrim fabrics from DELCOTEX are multi-functional coating substrates. Scrim fabrics are made of filament yarns and are used as hidden reinforcements for many products. Weaving and stabilizing of scrim fabrics are done in one production process. DELCOTEX is producing made-to-order – exclusively in our production site in Bielefeld – Germany.

Woven scrim

For many technical requirements

DELCOTEX is manufacturing multi-functional scrim fabrics according to the newest technical standards.

  • fabric width up to 345 cm
  • coating weight from approx. 10 – 100g/sqm
  • roll length from 100 – 10.000 mts.
  • optimal dimensional stability
  • perfect plain stability
  • low rest shrinkage

 Fields of application

  • roofing insulation membranes
  • swimming pool membranes
  • reinforcement of facades
  • wind and sun protection
  • digital printing for large-area movable commercial
  • laminating of foils
  • reinforcement of fleece and needle felt
  • reinforcement for molding components

 PRO woven scrims

  • suitable for thicker products
  • economical also for smaller quantities
  • suitable also for physically stressing finishing processes
  • even surface for membrane products

Laid scrims

The good alternative to woven scrim

While the laying process the threads are not crossed but laid.

  • fabric width up to 240 cm
  • coating weight from approx. 10g – 150gr/sqm
  • roll length up to 10.000 mts.
  • very good plain stability
  • low rest shrinkage
  • lower thickness in comparison to other fabrics

 Fields of application

  • roofing insulation membranes
  • packaging materials
  • landfill membranes
  • sails
  • tunnel membranes
  • greenhouse films
  • covering for fields

 PRO laid scrims

  • suitable for thinner products
  • lower production costs
  • suitable for gentle finishing processes
  • for big quantities
  • low warp elongation

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