DELCOTEX is using the extrem durable trade mark yarn CORDURA from Invista to produce high level functional textiles.

CORDURA® is a versatile and extremely durable material used in many industries and is a registered trademark of the American company Invista. It is made of polyamide and, due to its unique properties, is an excellent choice for applications in the industrial, outdoor, military, or automotive sectors.

Advantages of CORDURA® fabrics over other materials:

  • Compared to other materials such as cotton or polyester, CORDURA® offers higher tear and abrasion resistance, making it capable of withstanding extreme stresses.
  • High Abrasion Resistance: CORDURA® is highly resistant to abrasion and rubbing, making it suitable for use in heavily stressed areas such as protective gear or industrial applications as doc shelters. 
  • Easy Maintenance: CORDURA® is easy to clean and maintain as it is water repellent and repels dirt. It can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and dries quickly.
  • High Color Fastness: Our CORDURA® Truelock fabrics under the name DELINOVA 150 TRUELOCK or as laminates like PAStex 150 TRUELOCK are characterized by high color homogeneity and colour fastness due to the use of "solution-dyed yarns" from Invista/Cordura. A consistent look when using both variants in tactical vests. No colour variations from batch production by piece dyeing.



Due to its unique properties and high robustness, our CORDURA fabrics under the brand names DELINOVA 130/150/170/200 and PALSTEX 150 as laminates are extremely versatile materials and an excellent choice for all industries that rely on the durability and resistance of their products.  

In addition to the military and outdoor industries, CORDURA® is also used in workwear to reinforce garments in highly stressed areas, thus increasing the longevity of the clothing. Also capable for tunelfinish fabrics.  

Other application areas include the production of bags, backpacks, tactical vests and other accessories often used in daily life and under various conditions.



We place great emphasis on consistently high material quality, guaranteed by precise processing and continuously monitored by our accredited laboratory (D-LAB). With our comprehensive expertise in the textile industry, we can also meet our customers' individual requirements. For many decades, we have been listed as an authorized mill with Invista/Cordura. Delcotex, a company of the Delius Group, represents over 300 years of textile history and tradition. We are proud of this heritage and stand for a high level of quality. 

With our extensive experience in the field of CORDURA®, we are the ideal partner in the B2B sector. Additionally, we are at your service and provide individual advice on all matters related to CORDURA® and our Delinova products.



By using spun-dyed yarns, which are used in the production of CORDURA® Truelock fibers, we can offer a variety of environmentally friendly advantages. 

This process is characterized by lower water and energy consumption and significantly reduces the use of colour and chemicals during textile processing. With DELINOVA 150 Truelock, you not only make a sustainable choice for the environment but also benefit from advantages such as higher UV resistance and color consistency/homogeneity. Woven and finished in Germany for a more sustainable approach.


Our Cordura fabrics at a glance:

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