Are you looking for technical textiles, composite materials or accredited textile tests that make your product better, lighter or safer?  

For almost any application in the most important industries? 

Our customised solutions are based on many years of experience, the latest findings from research and development and our heart and soul. The goal: simply to develop the best product for your requirements. 

150 employees and over 100 different weaving machines and scrims are in daily use to create the best customer solution: whether technical textiles that make private, commercial or military equipment lighter and more robust, give vehicles more rigidity at lower material costs or protective equipment that makes your life even safer - we offer the right solution for every application.  

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Technical textiles and composites 

Our innovation is your advantage

We develop and produce specific textile solutions for many different end uses. Our comprehensive know-how and our great experience coupled with your requirements lead to superior technical textiles; these simplify daily life and makes it more secure. They also protect our environment.

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