Fabrics for the industry


Backing- and process fabrics are the beginning of a perfect product. You can not see these fabrics but their quality is very important for the end product. DELCOTEX produces fabrics as backing fabrics, fabrics as carrier for rubberizing and process fabrics for e.g. liners or embossing fabric.


Backing fabrics:

  • made of PES, PA6.6, Aramid, PP, etc. (monofil yarns, multi-fil yarns and spun fibres)
  • loomstate or partly finished 30 – 5500 dtex widths up to 520 cm – from
  • 30 gr/m² up to 1500 gr/m²
  • customized products according customer’s specification
  • optimized fabrics for your end use with the right choice of ground materials like yarns, finishings, piece length and lapping technique
  • permanent quality control by our laboratory
  • test reports high quality standard consistent
  • high quality

Fields of application:

  • boat tarpaulins
  • inflatables such as rafts, tanks, oil booms and liferafts
  • bellows
  • gas meter membranes
  • toothed belts
  • turbo charger hoses
  • artificial leather
  • light conveyor belts
  • pipe reconstruction