DELCOTEX produces aramid fabrics for different fields of application. You have to differentiate between Para Aramid and Meta Aramid. Para Aramid is well known under the brand name Twaron (Teijin) and Kevlar (DuPont). It is especially suitable for application in personal- and material security. Meta Aramid is well known under the brand name Nomex (DuPont) and Conex (Teijin) and best feature of this Meta Aramid is the permanent heat resistance.

Features of Para-Aramid:

  • extremely high tear resistance (even with light weight)
  • low elongation at break
  • stab and splinter stable
  • heat resistance
  • melting point > 450° C
  • chemical resistance low conductivity


Fields of application:

  • tactical vests
  • splinter protection for automotive
  • airbag hinges
  • automotive
  • aircraft construction
  • conveyor belts and timing belts
  • construction for sports equipments


Features of Meta-Aramid:

  • permanent heat resistance 
  • water and steam resistance 
  • flame retardant 
  • resistant to different chemicals and organic solvents 
  • best tensile strengths even at high temperature 


Fields of application:

  • backing fabric for e.g. dock shelter
  • membranes
  • gas filtration
  • electrical isolation
  • fire protection
  • fire resistant clothing