Deliflame FR

Flame retardant CORDURA® fabric

Flame retardant CORDURA® is of great importance for personal protection for police and military application, as well as for workwear and many more.

Deliflame FR

Fulfils the following requirements:

  • DIN 4102
  • DIN EN ISO 15025 with consideration of DIN EN ISO 14116 (Index 1)
  • DIN EN ISO 6941 (15 seconds edge flaming)
  • DIN 53438-3* (class F1) * based on

Deliflame® FR also has an excellent laser cutting capabilty. 

The colours of the current colour cards Delinova 150 and Delinova 200 can be produced with the flame retardant finish. Military versions are available on request.

Our flame retardant CORDURA® textile:

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