Deliflame FR 200

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Art. No.62096-012/407
MaterialCORDURA® 1110 dtex
Descriptionextra durable and flame-retardant CORDURA® Fabric 1000 den / 1110 dtex
Yarn density13/12 thr/cm
Weave Canvas 1/1
Surface weightapprox. 399 g/m²
Widthapprox. 150 cm
Roll lengthapprox. 50 lm


  • protective work clothing
  • protective equipment for police and military forces


The following examinations were carried out and passed:

▸ DIN 4102

▸ DIN EN ISO 15025 considering DIN EN ISO 14116 (Index 1)

▸ DIN EN ISO 6941 (15 sec. edge flamming)

▸ DIN 53438-3* (Class F1) *in accordance

▸ certified acc. to Öko-Tex

▸ Excellent laser cutting capability

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