PALStex® fabric laminate allows the creation of design-free solutions in the field of modern lasercut carrying systems. Due to the material basis of CORDURA® it offers a harmonious combination of structural stability, tensile strength, human ecological compatibility, as well as dyeability and printability ­– coupled with availability and a good price-performance ratio.

PALStex® 150 D/D

PALStex® 150

Technical characteristics

Like CORDURA®, PALStex® can be individually dyed and printed. It can easily be equipped with required IR signatures for camouflage prints. On request, we can equip the laminate with FR properties, including self-extinguishing if required. Thanks to the Deliflame FR technology, PALStex® achieves the highest known FR standards without any loss of flame-retardant properties due to washing, ageing or environmental influences.


Your wishes: Our service

The fabrics are produced according to the respective specifications of the country. We will be happy to produce your own colour requests and prints of any kind, even with IR specifications, from 500 running metres upwards on request.